The Human Interactive System™

Next T.H.I.S.™ Training:

June 15th – 19th 2023
December 2nd – December 6th 2024

T.H.I.S.™ is an advanced personal evolution training, and is currently available only by invite or successful application.

In order to automatically qualify for an invite you have to be certified by NLP Training Ltd as a Master Practitioner or above. If you are a graduate and want to bring someone with you please contact me. If you have not trained with me and would like to be considered for this advanced training please contact me now to arrange an interview.

In this training, we explore the patterns behind the patterns which make things work. This includes the fields of NLP and Hypnosis, but also moves way beyond the boundaries of these fields, and explores ancient teachings, energy work, advanced linguistic awareness and techniques known throughout time to only a few.

This is not a training for the small minded, it is for the pioneers of human consciousness. It is a highly experiential, intensely energetic training, focused on how you encounter your own reality and how you can harness and utilise the process for your own development as well as facilitating others.

It is a five day, 24/7 training.

If you are currently a graduate, or about to be, and have not yet received an invite then contact me directly to discuss entry requirements.

Investment £5000

Deposit £500*

*Deposit non-returnable. This is separate from training fee, and covers the pre study materials.