NLP Trainers’ Training

Next NLP Trainers Training:

September 26th – October 13th 2024
September 30th – October 17th 2025

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NLP Trainer’s Training Content

  • Learn how to operate 30 behaviours unconsciously
  • Teaching to the conscious/unconscious mind simultaneously
  • Unconscious installation and utilisation techniques
  • State control in yourself and your audience
  • Controlling energy in the room
  • Using Humour
  • Controlling multiple Models of the World
  • Nested loops and multiple embedded metaphors
  • 4-Mat System
  • Creating effective stage anchors
  • Expanding vocal flexibility
  • K-A-V Sequencing
  • Satir Patterns
  • Analogue Marking
  • Fractionation
  • Advanced Deep Hypnosis techniques
  • Techniques to expand awareness
  • Demonstrations and demo subject selection
  • How to always succeed in your demos
  • Understanding learning styles and training styles
  • Training design and sequencing
  • Handling and utilizing objections and hecklers
  • Demonstrating content as you teach it
  • Making future subjects easy to teach using pre-teaching
  • Behaviourally demonstrating content as you teach it
  • Giving effective feedback
  • Get rid of your worst fears before they happen
  • Training room design
  • The business of training – sales, marketing, media, funnels, pitching etc.
  • Business secrets and hacks

NLP Trainer’s Evaluation – held at the end of the Training

The opportunity to obtain a prestigious NLP Certification involves:

  • Successful completion of the Training itself
  • Closed book examination covering all of Practitioner and Master Practitioner content
  • Presentation of two chosen subjects from NLP
  • Demonstration of NLP techniques

Next steps after the Training include:

  • Ongoing personal support (via email and phone)
  • Opportunity to enter Program for becoming a Master Trainer of NLP and Hypnosis

Prerequisites for the Training:

  1. Previous training in Practitioner Level NLP is required for attendance at this training.
  2. Certification as a Practitioner and Master Practitioner is recommended for getting the most value from this training.
  3. Successful completion of Trainer’s Evaluation if interested in possible certification.

Total Investment: £5000
Early Bird: £4500
Extra Discounts are Available. Call the office for more information. Includes a one-time £100 Certification Fee.
ONLY £500 – Deposit to secure YOUR seat *

This Training is recognised by the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, so your certification has worldwide recognition.

*Deposit is non-returnable