Time Line Therapy®

Learn how to:

  • Remove negative emotions, beliefs and states
  • Transcend any internal blocks put up by you or others
  • Discover what you really want and how to get it
  • Gain total control over your life
  • Eliminate procrastination and gain maximal motivation
  • Create your future and make it more compelling, motivating and spellbinding
  • Understand your own internal ‘time machine’ and how to use it to create your future more effectively

Time Line Therapy® is a remarkably powerful process which is used to temporarily bypass the critical faculty in order to change the way the mind processes information. The critical faculty is the part of you that cares to distinguish between fantasy and reality. For example when you watch a movie, you suspend disbelief in order to accept the world of Superman or The Matrix. When you open up the critical faculty you open it up to all other suggestions in that context or area.

Time Line Therapy® uses the person’s own, internal ‘Time Line’ to access and work with their unconscious minds. This is an eloquent and rapid way to get rid of unwanted negative emotions, thoughts or behaviours, to heal emotional traumas and to generate new behaviours. Your ‘Time Line’ is how you distinguish between past and future events.

Time Line Therapy® is a process of active imagination. Clients actively imagine the suggestions made to them. What the client imagines is always correct. The intent is to work with the Unconscious Mind consciously, causing conscious/unconscious integration.

Change occurs at the unconscious level. People do not change consciously. This is why Time Line Therapy® is so effective in facilitating change – the techniques allow you to work at the unconscious level, so you can release the negative experiences and limiting decisions from the past and to change any negative programming in minutes instead of months or years.

Through Time Line Therapy® you gain control over your life, you release energy that was invested in maintaining the unwarranted reactions, behaviours or beliefs from the past, and this energy can be used elsewhere, to pursue new goals and desires.

Time Line Therapy® is a quick and easy process to engage in, rapidly producing long lasting changes, and is much more effective than other therapies, speaking as a counsellor with over 25 years’ experience.

Contact me now to discuss how Time Line Therapy® can enhance your productivity at home and at work, resolve issues, and help you create the future you deserve to experience.