NLP Introduction

An Introduction to NLP and Time Line Therapy® gives you the opportunity to gain some experience of the concepts and techniques before committing to a training or consultation. It is an opportunity to discover and enjoy a meaningful experience of your world within. Once you have your own personal experience of the extremely powerful techniques of NLP and Time Line Therapy® you will realise why people all around the World are learning how to use the skills themselves, at home and in the workplace.

During an introductory course you will learn:

  • How to achieve a personal and powerful resource state that you can return to and use anytime
  • Quickly gain rapport with anyone
  • Become clear on your future goals and learn how to achieve them
  • Become more magical, persuasive and influential in your communication with self and others
  • How to let go of stress and anxiety
  • Understand how other people are thinking and operating
  • The basics of NLP and Time Line Therapy®, which you will learn at greater depth on one of our trainings

Once you decide to take a Practitioner training, the money you already invested into the introductory course will be deducted from the total cost of the Practitioner course. By effectively refunding your initial investment I nam making the Practitioner training more affordable, and hopefully demonstrating my commitment to your training too.

My courses are fun and easy

Contact me now to arrange for an introductory course for your workplace, or see dates below for next open course.

Next introductory course – Saturday January 26th 2023,    10.00 – 17.00   £50