Business Training


  • Learn to think in unconventional ways to gain better results
  • Learn flexibility in working with contrasting personalities and individual differences, thereby harnessing the full potential of the talent pool, regardless of position.
  • Create a suitable environment and the correct attitude to allow innovation to flourish across the organization.
  • Learn how to draw out people’s unconscious motivational and decision making strategies.
  • Develop better risk assessment skills for increased confidence.
  • Become better leaders.

Consulting and problem solving:

  • Learn about organizational dynamics through an NLP perspective
  • Become more able to resole situations before they arise, and teach others how to do so.
  • Learn how to facilitate problem solving for clients, colleagues and friends.
  • Impress clients with the quality and creativity of your interventions.

Communication and people skills:

  • Develop elegant rapport building skills
  • Learn how to ‘benignly conspire’ through your communication.
  • Build more solid, effective relationships with your clients and colleagues.
  • Become fluent in the language of influence and persuasion.
  • Learn how to utilise language as a precision tool to facilitate change.
  • Understand how to work with the most powerful aspect of the learning equation – the unconscious mind.

Ask yourself this – Would you and your company benefit if you:

  • Are more able to work effectively by yourself AND in teams?
  • Develop the ability to communicate, interact with and persuade a broader range of people?
  • Become more skilled as a facilitator and or problem solver?
  • Take more responsibility for your own development and on-going learning process?
  • Come back to work more creative and generative in your approach to challenges and problems?
  • Start to really enjoy your work more… and your life?

Realise – your business stands to gain as much as you do personally.

No matter what the business you’re involved in, it involves communication all the time. Communication occurs on all levels – within yourself, between you and your colleagues, within departments and with external contractors. Information and communication is immensely important to the overall health of the business. Many days are lost to businesses every year from unexplained absences and so called ‘sick days’. As much as 10% profitability is lost to this, but with more effective communication a portion of this loss can be regained, with no extra costs incurred, giving a significant boost to income.

Further to that, when the values of the employees are all brought into alignment with the values of the employer,  a magical change occurs and leads to the business increasing its profitability significantly. Values work is one of the core teachings in my work with businesses.

The training itself is not difficult to grasp or implement. The real difference is made when the techniques are employed successfully and consistently over time, allowing for an accumulative effect to build up and be noticeable. The changes that happen immediately are just the beginning, the long lasting growth of the business occurs as a result of the implementation of the plans made with me over time.

The course focuses on the skills of finding and utilising patterns of human behaviour in individuals and groups, which permit or even determine specific outcomes occurring. I will teach you to recognize and utilize these patterns to enhance the efficiency of what is already working effectively, and to create effective interventions for when things aren’t working. I will teach you how to expand flexibility and creativity in order for you to successfully meet the challenges and opportunities inherent in organizational life.

This training represents a radical leap forwards in the tools made available for increasing success, and gives an evolutionary advantage over competitors. Many businesses in the UK and beyond now recognise the value in this training, so consider taking yours now, before your competition.

This technology is best learned by direct transmission rather than from books, as it is the moment to moment experience which can be evaluated and altered on the course. I work fast and give intensely individual as well as group instruction, to maximise the impact of my trainings.

It will be of particular interest to those who wish to develop NLP and other skills that will be immediately available in the work environment, whilst also being appropriate on a personal level. These skills are used throughout a wide range of industries, and are used by managers, sales personnel, personal trainers, consultants, athletes and many more besides.

Contact me now to arrange an appointment for me to come in and discuss options – please note that this initial consultation is free.