NLP Practitioner 4- in-1 Certification Training

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August 31st – September 6th 2024 – Online and live
March 2nd – 8th 2025 – Online and live
June 1st – 7th 2025 – Online and live

During this NLP Practitioner 4-in-1 training you will become a certified:

  • NLP Practitioner
  • Time Line Therapy® Practitioner
  • Hypnosis Practitioner
  • NLP Coach
  • 7 days – 4 certifications!
  • Worldwide recognition
  • Premier quality training and supervision

Take part in the very best NLP training around.

The 7 day accelerated NLP Practitioner certification training is the perfect way to learn NLP and take your life to a whole new level. During this training you will discover simple but powerful techniques for continually improving your life and achieving the goals you set for yourselves and others.

NLP Training Ltd was the first and best company in the Liverpool offering this combined certification training. You will learn all the skills to empower your life way beyond your present state, to excel and get great results both in your professional and personal life. You will also learn how to become happy and fulfilled in your life and relationships, and to live the life you really want to live.

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The difference that makes a difference

In giving you this training, we are going way beyond what is usually learned at an NLP Practitioner training. This 4-way training will give you the competence to transform any area of your life, professional and personal. It will teach you how to head towards excellence with maximum velocity. You will gain a very wide range of skills, ideas, models and tools that will allow you to succeed in all contexts and situations. You will become a master communicator with others, and with your own unconscious mind, and gain the ability to improve the way you operate your mind beyond your wildest dreams.

Before the training date you will be given some pre-study work, to ensure you are as fully prepared as possible to absorb and utilise the skills straight away. Then during the training you will be closely supervised to make certain that you are acquiring the skills and applying them eloquently, ecologically and successfully. My commitment to you doesn’t stop there though, it is a lifetime commitment – something not offered by others. I take a great deal of personal interest in the development of those who I have worked with, and encourage you to maintain contact after initial training.


  • Creating and maintaining instant rapport
  • Sensory acuity
  • Vocal control
  • The structure of language
  • Body language and how to use it
  • Goal setting – S.M.A.R.T. goals
  • Representational systems
  • Sub modalities and their uses in intervention
  • Anchoring techniques
  • Eliminating unwanted behaviours feelings and thoughts
  • Milton and Meta Models
  • Eliminate procrastination, create motivation
  • Strategies, how to learn yours and others’, and use them eloquently
  • Stop inner conflicts – parts resolution
  • Create changes and growth both personal and professional

Time Line Therapy®

  • Remove negative emotions, beliefs and states
  • Transcend any internal blocks put up by you or others
  • Discover what you really want and how to get it
  • Gain total control over your life
  • Eliminate procrastination and gain maximal motivation
  • Create your future and make it more compelling and motivating
  • Understand your own internal ‘time machine’ and how to use it to create your future more effectively


  • History of Hypnosis
  • Suggestibility testing
  • Hypnotic language patterns
  • Different types of hypnotic inductions
  • Post hypnotic suggestions
  • Pendulum work
  • Deepening techniques
  • How to change your life and others’ too

NLP Coach

  • Initial consultation and assessment techniques
  • Drawing up  contract and tasking the client
  • The core skills necessary to understand and enhance your life and others’ lives
  • How to easily increase productivity, motivation, relationships and general well being
  • Let go of limitations, increase confidence, change habits, delete unwanted behaviours and patterns
  • Establish new behaviours, create new futures
  • Communicate far more effectively with self and others
  • Take any skill set to a whole new level and beyond

Training investment

  • Full price £2495
  • Group discounts, payment plans and special discounts available
  • Secure your place on the September 2024 training now for just £500 deposit* (balance due before August 1st 2024)
  • Early Bird price of £2100 available until July 31st for the September 2024 training
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Contact me now to enrol on the next NLP Practitioner training, or to arrange for me to facilitate an in-house NLP Practitioner training for you, your family or your business/organisation. Group discounts, payment plans and special discounts available. Enquire now.

These trainings are recognised by the American Board of NLP, American Board of Hypnotherapy, and the Time Line Therapy® Association. Registering certifications with those bodies incurs a small extra charge.

*Deposit non-returnable. This is separate from training fee, and covers the pre study materials.