Public Speaking

It is said that fear of public speaking is the most common phobia around. In fact it may be greater than all the other phobias added together. So if you suffer this then know firstly that you are not alone, and that you can get over it very quickly and easily.

Learn how to:

  • Dissolve your fear of public speaking
  • Change the internal dialogue so it’s on your side
  • Be calm and collected and in a relaxed and empowered state
  • Control your output in terms of tone, tempo, speed, pitch, body language
  • Plan the delivery for maximum impact
  • Learn how to package information to create a positive response in audiences
  • Create stage presence and ownership
  • Interact with the audience and keep them engaged
  • Embody the strategies that make great speakers great

Speaking in front of an audience is common for some, for others it happens rarely such as a wedding or retirement speech. Sometimes it comes as part of a promotion at work, which involves board meetings or speaking at events. What makes it so that some people can stand in front of an audience as if they’re in their own armchair at home whereas others shake and feel sick and forget their lines? This is what you will be learning working with me.

You can learn how to turn your fear into curiosity about the audience, so you are not fixated on your stomach but on the outside where the audience is, and wanting them to feel better. You can be paying attention to them instead, watching their breathing, listening to the sound of your voice, matching and pacing their experience with your own.

Contact me now to become free of fear and speak powerfully in public.