Personal Breakthrough Sessions

Investment £1500

This process takes around 7-8 hours

“To perceive the World differently, we must be willing to change our belief system, let the past slip away, expand our sense of now, and dissolve the fear in our minds” Dr. Tad James

Also known as executive coaching, a personal breakthrough session is designed to enable clients in rapidly achieving significant changes in their development. This is achieved through the combination of NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis techniques, empowering you to literally break through previously held limitations and achieve your true potential.

  • Take back control of your processing, become more who you really can be
  • Improve decision making, work efficiency, performance and time management
  • Establish a more fulfilling relationship with yourself, others and the environment around you
  • Eliminate limiting decisions and beliefs
  • Eradicate negative emotions, anxiety, stress, fear, phobias
  • Set a more useful direction in Life and learn how to achieve it
  • Live the life you’ve been dreaming of

These sessions are highly specific to each individual – you decide what you want to achieve in terms of your personal and professional goals, and I will work with you to facilitate the success you want to experience in those areas.

Personal Breakthrough sessions can create success in areas of your life where it is currently lacking. They can help bring you through a temporary dip in performance, leading to significant improvements, career progression and increased earnings!

Personal Breakthrough sessions are also invaluable for people who find themselves with issues they are not able to resolve on their own, to break free of old patterns of belief or limiting decisions about their lives, and to create a new future more worth having.

Personal Breakthrough sessions are perfect for those who wish they could do or achieve things, who have no idea why they keep doing things or experiencing things they way they do (and wish it to be different), who think things are too big to deal with and wonder how others seem to overcome similar issues easily.

Overcome procrastination and contact me now to learn just how effective a Personal Breakthrough session will be for you.

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