Weight Loss

Learn how to

  • Lose weight to your target weight easily
  • Let go of negative thoughts and feelings
  • Let go of limiting decisions about whether you can achieve this
  • Maintain target weight once achieved
  • Have more energy to do the things you want to do
  • Employ strategies for better eating
  • Enjoy a healthy, balanced diet
  • Improve sense of self worth and confidence
  • Enjoy exercise

As long as your target weight is realistic, achievable and ecological for you, then you will succeed in losing weight when working with me.

One one level it’s simple – make calories out exceed calories in. Eat less and exercise more.

For many people it’s not that simple though at first, as there are issues behind the eating habits that need dealing with; beliefs about self and self worth and other negative beliefs about self; guilt and other negative emotions; lack of knowledge about healthy eating; and even some medical conditions.

I take an integral approach to this. Adjusting the amount and the speed you eat is important, so tasking is part of the process. I also work directly with the unconscious to turn up the metabolism so that it burns up calories. This is a simple to learn technique and you will be able to do it yourself once taught.

The road to a healthy, good looking body is not difficult. You just have to genuinely want to achieve it (i.e. not because someone else thinks you should!).

Contact me now to discover just how easy it is to achieve this, and to set out on my guaranteed process of achieving and maintaining your target weight.