Remove Negative Emotions

What would it be like if you could simply and quickly let go of your negative emotions from your past altogether and permanently? How about if you could develop new strategies for protecting yourself from similar events, so you’re more prepared and ready to face whatever Life throws at you?

Would it be of value to you? Can you see how important that could be to you? Did you realise before now that it can be easy to let go of them?

Learn to let go of:

  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • Fear
  • Hurt
  • Guilt
  • Other negative emotions
  • Limiting beliefs

Over the last 30 years Time Line Therapy® has been proven to be effective in helping clients to completely let go of negative emotions. The effect can be immediate and lasting, with no long term therapy necessary. It is very easy and safe to do. It is a process of using the client’s active imagining process. Time Line Therapy® automates this process for the client.

Learn to become:

  • Lighter
  • Happier
  • Freer
  • More in control
  • More optimistic
  • More confident
  • More who you really are

All you have to do is to honestly want to get rid of it and it works every time, guaranteed. This process does not turn you into an unfeeling robot, it just allows you to respond congruently in the moment, instead of being pulled into states by connections in the past that may be unresolved. Would it be useful to still experience anger towards an ex partner that you haven’t had any contact with for 20 years? Wouldn’t it be more useful to let go of it, retain the memories but not experience any anger about it any more?

This process is far more useful in the long run than ‘anger management’ courses, and the skills learned during the process can be applied to all other areas of your life.

Contact me now to discover just how much benefit you can enjoy from releasing your negative emotions.