Relationships / Marriage / Couples Coaching

You will learn:

  • How to create, regain and/or maintain a deeply committed relationship
  • Strategies for attraction, intimacy and deep love
  • How to achieve harmony, respect, equality
  • How to maintain an open line of direct, honest communication
  • How to work through and dissolve differences and issues easily
  • How to step into the other’s world and experience it from their perspective
  • How to let go of unwarranted negative emotions and beliefs

Relationships are all about communication, both conscious and unconscious. NLP Training will help to improve relationships all round, professional and personal.

Personal relationships are incredibly important and so are the skills necessary to create and maintain healthy relationships over time. The bond between two people committed together in a relationship is a multi faceted and intricate connection, and with the right understanding and input, it can increase in its connectedness over time, so the relationship as a whole grows into the spaces between the two, and evolves and matures as it changes through time.

Ultimately a loving relationship can be the most rewarding, healing experience. By learning the process of improving relationships, and applying it to each other honestly and with integrity, it is possible to transcend the everyday and achieve something far more beautiful and deeply interfused.

With 20 years experience as a qualified counsellor, I have a great deal of experience working with couples, to overcome any difficulties or flat-line relationships, to reinvoke the sense of love which brought them together originally, and to intensify and propel it out into the future. This can be an incredibly beautiful experience.

This intervention usually takes between 8-10 hours, and if a couple then it involves working with both people together and also individually. No stone is left unturned. This process will revolutionise they way you experience each other forever, guaranteed.

Contact me now to discover how I can help with your relationships and to arrange your initial consultation.