Phobia Cure

The fast phobia cure is one of the most well known NLP techniques.

The cure for any phobia can be easy, simple and even fun to achieve. It is highly effective, as you learn how to completely change the way your brain thinks about the things that currently upset you.

Unlike mainstream psychological phobia treatments, such as flooding and desensitisation, NLP does not expose you to the things you don’t like. The process is fast, and is usually achieved in one session, no matter how long the condition has existed.

A phobic response is to an internal representation, caused by a trigger – it is not the trigger itself, and this is an important distinction. It is easy to work with the internal representation and alter it so the response is no longer phobic.

Public speaking is currently the most common phobia, other common ones being heights and flying. They can also be quite unusual, like phobias of dinner parties (Deipnophobia) or clouds (Nephophobia).

A phobic response can keep you from enjoying your life as much as you can, so removing it allows you to do things that previously seemed impossible, such as taking a flight abroad, or to comfortably engage in activities that were previously highly stressful, such as speaking in front of others at a board meeting or conference.

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