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I recently attended an 8-day Fastrak NLP, Time Line Therapy® & Hypnotherapy Practitioner training with NLP Training Ltd delivered by Marc. As a therapist I had ‘fallen out of love’ with traditional Counselling methodology several years ago and had high expectations of this training.

I was thrilled to discover that right from my initial interest, during the home study phase and then throughout the 8-day practical element, Marc’s passion, knowledge, experience and understanding brought a level of training that far exceeded my expectations. The course is intensive; 10-hour days, but with Marc’s guidance, skill and expertise I felt supported throughout. He enabled everyone to stay energised and engaged and importantly provided a safe therapeutic environment that empowered us to leave our comfort zones, take the necessary risks and thereby learn to fly.

I have had my confidence and passion in the therapeutic process re-ignited and with the new tools I’ve been given, will again be helping people to get healthy not just in body but mind & spirit as well. I have already recommended the course to a couple of colleagues, one of whom is now keen to enrol and I will be continuing my development next year when Marc runs the Master Practitioner course.

I can’t thank you enough Marc

Marc is a one of a kind. He lives and breath his passion by helping people become better versions of themselves. His technique and experience moved me in a way that propelled my self-belief and confidence to dream a lot bigger and nurture confidence and tools to deal with life challenges. His personable and has a very bright future; I’ve excited for him and his followers. If you are looking for a professional who knows how to make change fast, then I truly recommend his service. An authentic leader who leads by example. His works are an inspiration to the industry.

Taking my NLP Practitioner training with Marc was great. I left I came away with not only a professional qualification but a wonderful mentor. Even after the course ended, Marc continues to show his support for his students and his passion for NLP.

Upon meeting Marc, I was overcome with a sense of calm. He has an incredible way of explaining tactics which gave me a whole different persepective during my training. The kind of perspective which set my unconscious mind in a specific direction which allowed me to help my clients with a clear mind and set me on track to understanding myself. Marc is a one of a kind guide. Meeting him was an experience I am grateful for. Thank you for all your guidance!If you Have a Phobia why live with it. Contact NLP training and Marc McDermott will Help to remove it. He is the Best

I am Proud to announce that today I qualified as an NLP practitioner and in Hypnotherapy under the wonderful guidance from Marc McDermott NLP Training Ltd. Most people who know me may probably think that this would be the last thing I would ever choose to do, and some time a go I would have agreed. Over the past 8 days I have been broken and rebuilt, thrown off the cliff and learnt to fly. I have achieved so much more than I could ever imagine and see myself in the world with a whole new positive light and totally re-energised. Thank you Marc, from the bottom of my very being with much love and respect. I strongly recommend and promote NLP Training Ltd.

I have had a stammer/stutter for nearly 50 years, any task that I may have had that involved speaking I would have ran a mile from at warp speed. With working with Marc and then doing the 8 day practitioner course I do feel the opposite now, I now look forward in engaging in conversation, and for the 1st time in my life I can see myself actually doing public speaking. There are times that I have stumbled on the odd word, but it hasn’t bothered me, I regard this as a habit now that in time will diminish, just like when I gave up smoking. I now look forward to helping others with the techniques that I have learned and that I will continue to learn and find new challenges to overcome.

I had a Time Line Therapy® breakthrough session with Marc to support the natural healing of a rare auto-immune disease which is said to be “incurable”. I do not want to use potent steroids for the rest of my life and have made substantial changes to my lifestyle and diet to help me heal but felt “emotional baggage” from my past and day-to-day stress and worry were further obstacles to my healing. The breakthrough session was intense and enlightening. With Marc guiding me through the process, I was able to unlock difficult and limiting negative thoughts and emotions and dispel them so they no longer hampered my thinking or functioning. Following the session, I felt calmer, freer, more focused, empowered and decisive in regards to what I need to do to regain optimum health. It has helped in all sorts of ways, I am able to concentrate better, return to the present moment quicker and to get more restful sleep. Marc was skilled and supportive throughout, he made it easier than I thought it would be! I am very grateful to Marc for guiding me through this therapeutic treatment – I cannot think of one person who would not benefit from this process – everyone should do it! Thank you!

I found Marc at a time in my life when I needed to make major changes to the way I was thinking and behaving. I was suffering from anxiety which was having a negative effect on my relationships. Marc quickly helped me identify patterns of behaviour and learnt me how to change for the better. He is a kind; caring and genuine guy – with a sensitivity and awareness of how people’s problems are intrinsic to their happiness. I would highly recommend Marc.