Advanced Sales Techniques

No matter what you do with your business, you are in sales.

Whether you are selling cars, equipment or ideas, there is a process of integration which takes place at the point of sale. NLP is the perfect vehicle to learn and utilise in order to close the maximum possible sales. The easy-to-learn techniques are powerful and yet subtle enough to employ conversationally.

Most sales people waste 80% of their time with people who are not going to buy anything. By learning how to spend that 80% with people who are going to buy, you are working with “high probability” clients – who are more likely to spend more with you.

On this one day seminar you will learn how to:

  • Target prospective clients more efficiently
  • Establish deep rapport almost instantly
  • Ask the right questions, speak the right language
  • Discover and utilise your clients’ values, frames of reference and decision strategies
  • Discover clients’ needs and desires
  • Link the needs or values to your product or service
  • Handle objections
  • Close successfully

Contact me now to discover how advanced sales techniques will help you and your business to really flourish.

In house training available at preferential rates.